Winter at Gooseberry Falls

“Can we go to Gooseberry? How about Gooseberry? Gooseberry? I think Gooseberry sounds good. Lets do Gooseberry!” These are the things that came out of my 10 year old daughter’s, Sandy’s, mouth this morning when I asked where she’d like to go on our annual winter trip. I tried suggesting places we haven’t been toContinue reading “Winter at Gooseberry Falls”

Sibley State Park: More than Expected

This park is located out just outside of New London Minnesota. It’s not a highly trafficked park. We hiked on a Wednesday and were at the park for about 2 hours before seeing anyone else on the trail. A great place to hike if you are gearing up/training for a longer more rigorous hike, whichContinue reading “Sibley State Park: More than Expected”

Tettegouche: An accidental Trip

Well…. Not every trip can go according to plan. The Original Boundary Waters Trip Plan So here is what was supposed to happen: Pack the Rogue while Scott finishes some last minute work Leave midmorning and arrive at BWCA Entry point Larch Creek by 3pm Set up camp and have s’mores as a treat forContinue reading “Tettegouche: An accidental Trip”