Tips to Make the Most of the Last Winter Hiking Days with Kids

Winter hiking days are coming to a close. Now is the time to get out and enjoy the winter scenery on warmer days. Here are some tips for keeping the winter hiking season going.

Lake Maria State Park

Lake Maria State Park is perfect a weekend getaway or a quick day trip. Check out all this park has to offer for hiking, canoeing, and sight seeing.

Cascade River State Park, MN: The Cascades, Lookout Mountain, and Superior Shores

Catch a glimpse of beauty at one of the North Shores best state parks. Waterfalls, overlooks, and gorgeous Lake Superior shoreline.

Mistakes & Lessons at Cascade River State Park

Not every adventure goes according to plan. Here are the lessons we learned camping at Cascade River State Park. An adventure full of mistakes is an adventure full of lessons.

Tips for Hiking with a Senior Adventure Dog

The adventure doesn’t have to end when your senior dog ages. Even elderly dogs love the great outdoors. Hike safely with these tips for senior dog adventuring.

Celebrate Wildlife with 30+ Holidays to Add to Your Calendar

Spend this year celebrating and appreciating the wild world with these awesome animal and nature inspiring days.

Bear Head Lake State Park

A lesser known park tucked in the Northwoods just outside of Ely, MN is waiting for hikers to seek out it’s serene lake views and secluded trails. Check out this State Park the next time you’re in the Ely area.

Trail Etiquette for Dogs

Never hike alone, bring your dog with you! Follow Trail Etiquette to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time on trail.

Hiking Eagle Mountain, Minnesota

Hike to one of Minnesota’s coolest vantage points. Every Minnesota Hiker should have Eagle Mountain on their bucket list.

10 Ways to Avoid Crowds in Popular Parks

Experience your favorite National and State Parks without the masses and congestion.

November Hiking Tips in Minnesota

November is hunting season here in Minnesota. Deer hunters have done their work creating game trails, working food plots, setting up stands and blinds. They’ve been waiting all year to get out in the stand, they are ready! And you should be too. Check out these November hiking tips to keep your hiking season going…

Minnesota State Parks to Visit for Late Season Leaf Peeping

Miss the peak colors of the North Shore? Don’t worry, Lake Superior isn’t the only place to go ‘Leaf Peeping.’ Take a look down South! These parks can still scratch that autumn itch without the long drive north.

Mille Lacs Kathio State Park: A Park Above the Treetops

Day trip or weekend getaway, this park will not disappoint. With an amazing view from the observation tower and miles for trails, you’ll be adventuring non-stop.

Trail Snacks for Kids & Toddlers

Hiking season is here, although it never really goes away, am I right? As the weather warms up, it gets easier and more comfortable to get the little adventurers out on the trail. Keeping kids fed while hiking is essential for a good time. There is nothing worse than a hangry toddler or the complaints…

Charles A. Lindbergh State Park: A Quick Pick

A park for a quick day trip or a weekend of history. This park can accommodate both. Check out all that this little park has to offer.

Embrace Dark Minnesota Nights: Candle light events in Minnesota

Experience Minnesota State Parks in a whole new light, or lack there of. Hike, snowshoe and ski at these evening winter adventures to give you a chance to see a different side of the wilderness.

6 Minnesota State Parks Not to Miss This Winter

Don’t shy away from the cold this winter. Embrace it with these 6 Minnesota State Parks that will have you out enjoying the beauty all winter long!

8 Tips for Day Hike Success with Little Adventurers

It’s adventure time! Grab your kids, make a plan and go! One of my favorite things to do is hike with my kids. I didn’t start hiking frequently with my daughter until she was a bit older, about 3 years old. That wait was unnecessary, my son was about a month old on his first…

Sibley State Park: More than Expected

This park is located out just outside of New London Minnesota. It’s not a highly trafficked park. We hiked on a Wednesday and were at the park for about 2 hours before seeing anyone else on the trail. A great place to hike if you are gearing up/training for a longer more rigorous hike, which…

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