The Mission

There is so much going on in the world, we are being pulled in too many directions. Especially our kids. We all need to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us before it’s too late and our babies are all grown up.

My mission is to explore the great outdoors as much as I can with my family and share my experiences to help you do the same!

Meet the G’s

I am the snack lady, pack mule, trip planner, etc… but mostly I am “Mom”. My name is Krista and I live with my amazing family in a dinky little town in Minnesota. My handy husband, Scott, tolerates all of my crafting and outdoor escapades. We have a beautiful daughter, Sandy, she joins me on said escapades and adds so much more to the adventure. Our newest addition, Killian, joined our family in the fall of 2019. We moved around the country for a few years and settled back in our home town.

The Feircest of Animals

We were given this name by our lovely daughter. I was explaining to her one day about how family names work as she was confused as to why my sister and I didn’t share the same last name anymore. The discussion invovled why we each took our husbands names, how our families are different/alike, and how our families came to be. After this long explanation, I finished with, “that’s why we are the Grossingers.” She gave a thought and declared, “We are the fiercest of animals!” And thus, our family motto was born.

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