Mammoth Cave National Park

Hiking Cedar Sink Trail

This short trail through Mammoth Cave’s forest features one of the parks most intriguing features (aside from the caves), the sink holes! There are sink holes throughout the park, but this short trail places hikers up close to the action.

Short Hikes at Mammoth Cave

Check out these short hikes in Mammath Cave National Park for unique landscapes, gorgeous views, and fantastic overlooks.

Historic Cave Tour

One cannot visit Mammoth Cave National Park without visiting a cave in Mammoth Cave National Park. If you can only tour one cave on your visit, this is the one to tour.

Dogs at Mammoth Cave National Park

Dogs love adventures, too! Mammoth Cave National Park is one of the few National Parks that are dog Friendly. Know where to go and what you can do at Mammoth Cave with your pup.

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