Twist on the Phrase: Whatever Floats Your Boat

While enthralled in an article the other night about starting fires, the author was talking about lighters and kindling, I came across a line that read, “before you flick your Bic…” What an interesting line. It reminded me of the phrase “Whatever floats your boat.” That got my wheels turning.

This one line from a fire starting article in the Boundary Waters Journal made me rethink the old phrase; “whatever floats your boat.” Turning it into “whatever flicks your Bic.” What a fun way to put a spin on the old phrase. I ran with it and came up with outdoorsy themed versions of it. Hope you enjoy them!



  • Flicks your Bic.
  • Stokes your fire.
  • Toasts your mallow.
  • Roasts your dog.
  • Strikes your match.
  • Collects your kindling.
  • Splits your log.
  • Fuels your flame.



  • Casts your rod.
  • Filets your dinner.
  • Strings your walleye.
  • Hooks your pike.
  • Winds your line.
  • Wiggles your jig.
  • Lips your bass.
  • Nets your catch.
  • Fries your fish.
  • Steals your fish…. It’s an otter. Otters steal fish, little known fact.



  • Paddles your canoe.
  • Runs your rapids.
  • Dams your creek.
  • Swamps your canoe…. That one is a little disastrous.

Around Camp


  • Pitches your tent.
  • Rolls your map.
  • Hangs your hammock.
  • Portages your pack.
  • Hangs your food pack.
  • Stirs your cocoa.



  • Swats your skeeter.
  • Calls your loon.
  • Spots your moose.
  • Outruns your bear. Just kidding, nobody can outrun bears.
  • Croaks your toad.
  • Snaps your turtle.

Mix it up and make up your own! It’s a fun way to go with the flow of camping life.

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