Celebrate Wildlife with 30+ Holidays to Add to Your Calendar

Spend this year celebrating and appreciating the wild world with these awesome animal and nature inspiring days.

We can celebrate our wild world all year long with these fun and informative holidays. It’s another excuse to get out and appreciate what we have all around us. I have enjoyed getting my kids involve and teaching them about these special days celebrating different outdoor activities and animals.


20th- Penguin Awareness Day: Learn a thing or two about the 18 different species of penguin. They are fascinating creatures! Check your local zoo and aquarium for the opportunity to observe and learn about these water loving birds.

21st- Squirrel Appreciation Day– Why do we appreciate squirrels? Thousands of trees are planted each year because squirrels have forgotten where they have buried their nuts. We can all relate to that. Way to go, squirrels!

25th- National Moose Day: Who doesn’t love this Northwoods giant?! The largest of the deer species, this agile beast roams the forests of the north. It is quite a treat to view these solitary animals in the wild.

31st- National Hot Chocolate Day: Okay… not wildlife related, but this is a great way to celebrate the end of the coldest month of the year. Brew up a cup of cocoa to welcome the month of February. Better yet, enjoy an end of January hike and top it off with a mug of cocoa.


2nd- Ground Hog Day: This is a wonderfully old tradition! Check to see if the Ground Hog has seen his shadow to determine whether or not spring will be early or if we must endure six more weeks of winter. Don’t forget to check out Punxsutawney Phil’s weather report live from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania!

22nd- National Wildlife Day– This day is formerly celebrated in September. The date of February 22nd was added to honor Steve Irwin in memory of his birthday. This is a day we can all get behind for Steve.

27th- National Polar Bear Day– These bears are a threatened species with the ice they depend on deminishing. Take time on this day to learn a bit more about these massive bears and what we can do to assist them.


3rd- World Wildlife Day: This day not only celebrates all of the wild critters in our world, but the need to protect it. The loss of habitat, overuse of land, poaching and many other aspects are threatening our wild world. This is a day to take a step back and see what we can do to change our impact.

14th- National Learn About Butterflies Day: These beautiful pollinators grace this world with their presence. We have all witnessed the beautiful fluttering of a butterfly. Use this day to learn a little something about these beauties and teach your kids to appreciate them as well. Plant some milkweed, a butterfly bush, or other flowers to help them out this summer.

21st- International Day of Forests: This is a day to honor and appreciate trees in our world and the importance of their presence. Plant a tree (or plan to plant a tree when the ground thaws), take a hike in the woods, visit a protected forest, and learn more about the trees in your area.

29th- Manatee Appreciation Day: Celebrated on the last Wednesday in March, Manatee Appreciation Day brings up awareness of these sea potatoes. Beautiful as they are, they need to be protected from boaters, changing waters, and other human activity. Take some time on this day to learn about manatees, observe them if you can, or float around in a pool eating lettuce.


2nd- National Ferret Day: A wonder of a weasel! These critters make a unique and entertaining pet. If you are the happy pet parent to a ferret, be sure to whip up a special treat for them on this day. If you are not a ferret parent, perhaps take time to learn about the Black Footed Ferret. These endangered weasels have only about 370 left in the wild, but there are efforts to bring these prairie dog hunters back to control the population of prairie dogs.

3rd- National Find a Rainbow Day: April showers bring May flowers! And rainbows! April is a great time for spotting a rainbow, a glimmer of hope in the midst of a dreary rainy month. The rainbow is also a representation of God’s promise and gives hope. Check the forecast and see if rain is coming your way on this day so you can get out and spot your own rainbow. Don’t forget to check the end for a pot of gold!

8th- National Zoo Lovers Day: The zoo is a great experience for kids to learn about and observe animals they wouldn’t normally see in their own area. Check out your local zoo. Spring is a great time to check out new arrivals, too!

14th- National Dolphin Day: Oh, my daughter is going to love this one. These fun-loving marine mammals are one of her favorites. Swim with dolphins on this day, go on a boat tour, visit a zoo/aquarium, or try your hand at doing a flip in the pool.

17th- National Bat Appreciation Day: We can all appreciate bats. Even if they give you the heebie-jeebies, they are one of the most useful creatures of the night. A single bat will eat up to 1000 insects in just one night. That number jumps to 4,500 insects for a nursing mother. Put up a bat house to help keep these flying bug eating machines at work in your area.

22nd- Earth Day: We all know how important Earth Day is! Learn and teach your kids about the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” principles. A great way to honor this day is to clean up your neighborhood, community, or local trails. Then sort the trash into recyclables and show kids where to dispose of the trash.


1st- May Day: Hasn’t everyone heard of May Day? The tradition is to leave a basket of flowers on the doorstep of someone you like, ring the doorbell, and run away. If they catch you, they have to kiss you. We’ve mixed this up to better the tradition. Our kids paint a flower pot, plant a flower, and leave in on their grandparents’ front step. It is greatly appreciated by their grandma’s, and it prompts a fun visit in the spring.

13th- Migratory Birds Day: For those of us living in the north, spring is an exciting time when all of the migratory birds are making their way back to us. Fill your feeders and hummingbird stations and watch them come in to feed. We love watching the hummingbirds zip by fighting over flowers and feeders, they are so fiesty.

16th- National Love a Tree Day: Trees provide us with fruit, nuts, wood, oxygen, shelter for us and animals, shade, and oxygen. Take time to be a tree hugger on this day and show the forest some love.

23rd- World Turtle Day: This day was brought to us by the American Tortoise Rescue. This rescue helps these reptiles in many ways. Not just in placing rescued critters into home but also to stop cruelty and the improper selling of these unique reptiles. Check out their site at tortoise.com and see how you can help and celebrate.


3rd- National Black Bear Day: Celebrated on the first Saturday in June, this is a day to really learn about this misunderstood critter. Bears are curious creatures that love to snack. If you are a frequent camper, then you know how to keep your items out of a bear’s reach and that they are merely trying to feed themselves. Check out the North American Bear Center in Ely to gain knowledge on these special omnivores.

3rd- National Trails Day: After visiting the Bear Center, hit the trails and see if you can’t find some bear sign. Not near Ely? Hike, bike, or ride on a trail near you and breathe in the fresh air. It’s a great way to kick off the summer.

20th-22nd- Summer Solstice: This is the longest day of the year. It changes from year to year between these three days. I think we can all be thankful for the amount of sunlight we get in the summer months to enjoy the great outdoors. Especially after such a long winter. Stay up late and watch the sun set on this magical day.


20th- National Moon Day: On this day in 1969, mankind first walked on the moon. Take time on this evening to gaze up at the big beautiful natural satellite and marvel at the wonders of the moon.

31st- National Mutt Day: Love your mixed breed dog on this day! Share a photo of him and give him lots of treats and maybe a special outing! Everyone loves a good mutt!


19th- World Honey Bee Day: On the 3rd Saturday of August this day brings awareness on just how important these pollinators are to our world. Honey Bees pollinate our crops, provide honey and wax. Take the day to learn about this mighty creature that comes in such a small package. Plant flowers to help them along.

25th- National Park Founders Day: On this day in 1916, the National Park Service was Founded. Take time to visit a National Park or Monument near you and be grateful for the protected natural areas still around for us to enjoy.

26th- International Bat Night: Somehow this seems more appropriate than Bat Appreciation Day, seeing that bats are more active at night. If you haven’t had a chance to get that bat house up, now a is a great opportunity to do it.

26th- National Dog Day: Celebrate you dog on this day by taking him out on a special walk or hike. My hiking partner, Xena, is always up for an adventure and a treat.


4th- National Wildlife Day: This day acknowledges endangered species around the world and the day that the world had to say goodbye to the amazing wildlife expert and conservationist, Steve Irwin. To celebrate this day, help out a local zoo or sanctuary in their conservation efforts and learn more about helping your favorite endangered animal. February 22nd was added as a day to celebrate National Wildlife day to honor Steve Irwin.


20th- International Sloth Day: Lets all slow down for a day and go sloth pace. Take time on this day to curl up with a blanket and learn about sloths. This day was created to bring awareness to the sloth conservation efforts in Columbia.

29th- National Cat Day: Get out the cat treats for your feline friend or pick up a new friend at the shelter. This is a day to celebrate your kitty and to bring about awareness for the kitties without homes. Remember to spay & neuter your critters.


4th- National Bison Day: Observed on the first Saturday in November. A great way to kick of the month leading up to Thanksgiving is to give thanks to the American Bison. This beast was a major food source and had religious significance for Native Americans and was a source of income for pioneers moving west. Visit a zoo, a state park or a national park in your area to see these magnificent beasts. In Minnesota state parks, bison can be seen at Minneopa and Blue Mounds.

17th- National Take a Hike Day: Hit the trails and hike to your favorite overlook or waterfall. Take time to appreciate the services and agencies working hard to protect our outdoor play places.


11th- International Mountain Day: Mountains offer breathtaking views and a home to many mountainous critters. Use this day to learn about the mountain regions of the world and mountain safety, hike a mountain trail or remines about past mountain adventures.

27th- Visit the Zoo Day: It’s a bit chilly to visit the zoon in Minnesota in December and some some zoos have closed until spring. But the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley and the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth are open year round. There are some winter loving animals that become more active during the winter and it’s a great time to beat the crowds.

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