8 Nostalgic 90’s Adventure Movies To Watch with Your Kids

Get geared up for adventure season with these nostalgic 90’s movies chalk full of wild adventures and survival situations. True cinematic adventures!

On these dreary, wet spring days when it’s too yucky to play outside; grab your favorite snack and pop in an old adventure movie to watch with your kids. Any one of these thrilling nostalgia filled titles will have you amped up for adventure season.

Fly Away Home

This is a tragic story turned heartwarming. 13 year old, Amy, lives with her mother in New Zealand when a horrific accident lands her reunited with her father in Canada. While Amy adjusts to her new circumstances, her inventor/artist father tries to help her along but to no avail. Amy happens upon a nest of Canadian goose eggs. Father and daughter bond over their attempt to rescue these birds from living a captive life.

If you can get passed the first tear jerking 5 minutes, this is a great wholesome father/daughter movie. I enjoyed it growing up and I appreciate it in a new light as a parent with my own kids.

Iron Will

Young musher, Will Stoneman, enters a dogsled race with his late fathers dog, Gus, in an attempt to save his family farm. Will bonds with Gus as they both mourn his fathers death over the course of the race. All odds are against the inexperienced musher and fellow racers are of no help. Will and Gus face many challenges along their trail, from dangerous terrain to villainous racers. Catching the eye of a news reporter gains Will some fame and gives America new hope as the country watches as this young man race to save what he holds dear.

Wild America

Two brothers, Marty and Mark, work hard to break free of the fate their father has set for them, working in his business. They set off to film wild, endangered animals before they disappear. Their little brother, Marshall, stows away in the van to join them on their journey. These boys face many dangerous encounters from the Louisiana swamps to the Rocky Mountains. The best part about this film is that it’s based on the story of a real wildlife videographer. This is the tale of Marty Stoffer, the wildlife videographer who created the series “Wild America.”

This cinematic adventure was one of my favorites growing up and has been my daughters favorite on this list so far, too. There is something freeing about this movie. These boys experience America as she was when there were fewer restriction and the land was more wild.


Following their fathers tragic plane crash, two teen siblings head into the Alaskan wilderness on a rescue mission. Their hope is to find their father, a bush pilot, before it’s too late. The two need to work together to find their father amid their own struggles. It’s a heartwarming tale of siblings working together for the love of their father.

We didn’t have this movie growing up, but our neighbor did. I remember borrowing this video over and over. We had a very kind neighbor with an extensive movie collection. Yes, most were VHS! Thanks Jill!

Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog

A boy and his dog brave the coastal Canadian wilderness after a raging storm causes them to fall overboard from his fathers boat. The pair must rely on one another to find food, shelter and survive the brutal environment in hopes that a rescue crew will find them.

This is a great movie to introduce to your kids if you’re trying to drive home the importance of basic survival skills. All adventuring kids should have some outdoor survival practice.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Oh my goodness, grab the tissues! Even if you’re not a dog person, this movie will hit you right in the feelings. This wholesome movie follows the journey of two dogs, Shadow and Chance, and their kitty cat companion, Sassy as they search for their way home after fleeing their pet sitter’s ranch. The crew traverses mountains, battles a raging river and wards off wild animals, all in their search for their family.

This was absolutely one of my favorite movies growing up. While on a road trip, our kids were playing this movie in the back seat. I wasn’t even watching it, but when I heard Shadow come over that hill, I reached for the tissues. If you’ve seen this one, you know exactly the moment I mean. Moving on, these words on my screen are beginning to blur. I need to go hug my dog.

George of the Jungle

Okay, who doesn’t love a good Brendan Frasier movie? Haven’t watched a moving staring him that I didn’t like. George of the Jungle is an adventure comedy about a man who grew up in the jungle, was raised by apes. Ursula (not a sea witch), enters the picture while on safari and is saved by George, both from a lion and an unworthy fiancé.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Okay, this one actually came out in 2008, but it still needs to be on the list. Another great action packed adventure movie starring Brendan Frasier. An uncle and nephew journey to the center of the earth (obviously, duh) in search of their brother/father and discover the truth of what happened to him.

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