6 Day Trip Things to do at Split Rock Creek State Park, MN

A quiet, simple park with peace and nature at it’s heart. Add Split Rock Creek to your Southern Minnesota Bucket List. Split Rock Creek State Park offers a tranquil hike to a historic bridge and dam, picturesque lake views, a fishing nook and more.

A simple park with little treasures strewn about, a great place to spend a few hours or a relaxing afternoon. Knowing that this was not a large park, we planned just a few hours here during our excursion to Blue Mounds and Pipestone National Monument.

Quick Review: 5/10 While this park is pretty and quiet, it does lack in number of drawing features. A great place for simplicity and peace, though. This park does redeem a point in my book for the lack of bugs! No bug spray was used, yay!

1. Beach

We found this beach to be on the shallow side, a great place for little adventurers to cool off and play in the sand. The buoys were set fairly close to shore, the deepest point inside the buoy line being at my 11 year-olds knee. Despite it’s shallow depth, the kids were excited to get their suits on and play in the sand.

Bonus: There is a wash station for those sandy feet.

2. Fish

Bring your fishing gear, there are perch, crappies, sunfish, bullheads, and catfish in these waters. We were able to land several crappies, a perch, and a pumpkinseed off of the fishing pier and on the small peninsula near the swimming beach.

Seasonally, this park offers a fish cleaning station for campers to use.

3. Paddle

Canoe and kayak rentals are available on a first come, first serve basis at the park office. Or bring your own and put in at the boat launch.

4. Hike

While this park doesn’t have a long hiking system (only 4.5 miles), the hikes here are simple and pleasant. The trails are well maintained and easy for all levels of hikers. In those short miles, there is plenty to see and aquatic wildlife to spot.

Distance: 4.5 mile loop covers entire park, can be shortened with other turn offs and parking areas.

Level: Easy

Time to Go: Summer, spring or fall. No groomed ski trails in the winter, snowshoers welcome.

Dog Friendly: Yes, leashed pets welcome.

Fees: $7 day pass or $35 yearly State Parks Pass.

5. Historic Bridge & Dam

On the southern edge of the park, a historic bridge and dam wait for hikers to explore. The dam was dry at the time of our visit. Still a very cool place to check out. Hikers are able to walk across the dam over a concrete bridge and walk along Split Rock Creek to the historic bridge.

6. Wildlife Spotting

The parks quiet qualities are likely an attributing factor in the wildlife viewing. We were able to spot several birds out on the water, butterflies, rabbits and a number of turtles. The turtles didn’t seem to be too disturbed by our presence, even while fishing.

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